Adulting is a comedic web series about an unlikely duo, Katie and Charlie, who take their first stab at the real world together and attempt to be adults (key word: attempt).

No money, no plan, just problems. Welcome to ADULTING. You’re probably familiar with the idea: spending your whole life preparing for adulthood and then realizing you have no idea what you’re doing. Adulting explores this hilarious and terrifying part of our lives through an unlikely duo, Katie and Charlie. Katie is a relentlessly chipper actress (waitress) and Charlie’s the hardened realist who just wants you to give up and start drinking. They’ve just graduated college and moved to L.A. with big dreams and empty wallets. From finding apartments, to sharing a mattress, to learning the difference between a head and a clove of garlic - the girls learn life lessons the hard way: failing hard and pushing through (cue the tequila).

Find & Design explores the world of multi-million-dollar homes with unique designs and then shows the viewer how to recreate that design in their own home.

Jay Montepare provides his colorful personality & extensive insight to entertain and teach in an easy, fun way. Tour with him through extravagant homes and learn how to recreate an expensive look in your own home for an inexpensive price.

Each episode features a new home with new ideas for design. We sprinkle in other celebrity designers who provide their expertise and Do-It-Yourself tips.

Tiara Parker-Ragland is the lovely hostess who encapsulates the elegant vibe of this new series that explains how to DIY, save money and improve your home.

Don’t envy that home on the hill. Have that home on the hill – or at least part of it!

More episodes coming soon…

The California lifestyle can be very strenuous, and when the many thousands of aspiring actors and entertainers want to train they have to use what little time they have very effectively. Ian Lauer is an IFBB Pro and as a long standing fitness trainer in the Los Angeles area he knows exactly what it takes to keep up the best training regimes. In ‘Fitness: California Style’ he’ll share the secrets that works so well in Hollywood with the viewers as he trains a selection of his students.

Exercising is only a small part of the necessary lifestyle for fitness, so Ian, with the help of experts in the field, will also show how to eat healthy with simple recipes, and how to supplement correctly to match your lifestyle. For those that prefer to exercise in the open air, Ian will also show exercises that need no gym equipment and can be completed in just a few moments to really enhance your routine. Each episode has something for everybody.

Filmed exclusively in 4K and provided in Ultra HD, High Definition or any other required format, “FITNESS: CALIFORNIA STYLE” is a great stand alone series that can be broadcast at any time slot and provides opportunities for sponsorship and marketing to the widest possible audience

This Twilight Zone(ish) movie is compiled of six short episodes.

Episode 1: A businessman is stranded on a train that travels through time -- yet no one seems to know or care where it’s taking them.

Episode 2: A first date. But she is not what it seems.

Episode 3: A salesman doesn’t realize he’s stranded between Life and Death – but he’s about to find out.

Episode 4: Agent Denson thinks he’s on Earth but will soon see something that changes his mind.

Episode 5: Suburbs from hell. People live in a world that repeats itself every day but one man sees another side… for now.

Episode 6: A cowboy is unsure what is reality and what is his drunken imagination, unsure if he’s dead or alive, but will soon learn the unfortunate truth.