“The Book of Eli” meets “Night of the Living Dead” in this post-apocalyptic world overrun with monsters

Don't lose your head.

"Re-Animator" meets "Stranger Things" as a young woman and her friends band together to investigate a dark secret hiding beneath her small college town. Discovering a growing cyborg threat, their path leads straight to the Decapitarium.

A group of friends are seeking a new adventure in the mountains when their trip takes an unexpected turn. The ancient legend of “The Lady of the Damned Forest” – a curse from a woman who was a victim in these mountains – now becomes a reality. When her fury of evil is unleashed, only the power of love might save them.

Director’s note: This is a tale influenced & paid homage to: Evil Dead, Predator, Alien, Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, Conan The Barbarian, Labyrinth. The movie starts as a typical slasher movie (like House of Wax) and then it becomes terrifying with someone killing them at night. Little by little, fantastic elements appear and the film becomes more gothic (vampire and witchcraft) and ends up being an epic adventure with a dark fantasy element.

No one believes like a kid so no one gets scared like a kid.

Eleven-year-old PETER moves to a new town with his recently divorced mother. Exploring his neighborhood, Peter feels something is wrong – very wrong - the adults are disappearing! Of course, his mother and only friend in school, BILL, feel the only thing wrong is Peter’s overactive imagination. Playing at the nearby Lost Creek, Peter befriends MAGGIE, a mysterious girl who only seems to appear at the creek. On the night of Halloween, Peter, Maggie and Bill must band together to face their fears and uncover the dark secrets of Lost Creek.

Shelly Lawson and her family move into a beautiful southern estate only to discover that their new home is subject to unexplainable phenomena. After her daughter is sent to the hospital due to a mysterious sickness, Shelly decides to post an online video pleading for help. Dr. James Clay, a once acclaimed scientist, answers the plea and may be the one person who not only believes her but can help fight whatever it is that seems to possess the house. Full of unforeseen twists, this movie will keep you on the edge of your seat.

From The Vine To The Vein.

After being bitten by a vampire, NATIA leaves her native country of Georgia and arrives in San Francisco. Natia tries to understand what is happening to her as she is confronted with a violent darkness rooting within her. Fighting against her loneliness and the rules of this new world, she is befriended by a troubled young artist with an innocent soul. Will this tenuous love lead her out of trouble or will they both be pulled into the darkness?

Director’s note: “I am telling a different type of vampire story, a more serious, kind of a Leaving Las Vegas vampire flick.”

A group of hunters search for their missing leader who has gone on a solo-hunting trip for a legendary creature that lives on a mysterious island. Struggling through rough terrain, the hunters begin the slow and treacherous rescue mission. As the journey becomes increasingly dangerous, the hunters find themselves becoming the prey of an unseen force.