In Development

In a distant future, a prisoner of a maximum security facility orbiting one of Jupiter’s moons agrees to transport new detainees as part of a deal for early release. On his last transport, he discovers one of the new prisoners is a rebel leader with an enormous bounty on her head. As bounty hunters from across the galaxy rush to claim the prize, he must work with his prisoner to survive and eventually take down the corrupt system that is exploiting them both.

Teaser available upon request.

Shooting Date: Summer 2023.

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What happens when you’re lost, broke & stuck in paradise? You find yourself.

In this feel good comedy, an aimless young woman leaves the harsh winter of Nebraska and takes a vacation to Hawaii just before the Christmas holidays. She is trying to get away from it all but finds the same things happen to her in Hawaii that happened to her in Nebraska. Then she misses her non-refundable flight and is stuck in Hawaii without any money. She tries to earn enough money to get back home but then a strange thing happens – she begins to find her place in the sun for the first time.


A gigantic meteorite crashes near the Grand Canyon and shatters into pieces.  Anyone who comes in contact turns to stone.  Like a black hole, the mother stone takes in all of the other stones and grows bigger -- moving across the land, absorbing everything in its path.  Now a scientist and her team must learn how to defeat this alien force -- fighting fire with fire, fighting stone with stone.

Shooting begins in April.

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Based on "The Picture of Dorian Gray" by Oscar Wilde.

In this modern-day adaptation, DARIA GRAY is a beautiful, aspiring actress.  She meets August, an artist who paints her portrait.  The years pass but Daria doesn’t seem to age as she does whatever it takes to claw her way to the top of Hollywood.  Then something happens that will forever alter her life: The portrait changes.  It reveals an aging Daria.  Now this timeless beauty locks the painting away but each time she looks at it, the portrait becomes more aged, more twisted, more hideous.

Shooting June 2023.

On a bleak, grayish winter morning in 503, King Arthur leads The Knights of The Round Table on armored horseback through a tundra in Greenland to exterminate all Vampire Bunnies and erase their existence from history.

While King Arthur deemed his mission successful and declared the obliteration of the Vampire Bunny species, he and his men failed to kill "Greenie," the last remaining Vampire Bunny. Injured and bloodied from the king's assault, Greenie buried herself deep in snow, like Arctic hares do, as the king and his knights trotted away from the crime scene.

Eighteen hundred & twenty-one years later, in the spring of 2024, global warming melts polar icecaps in Greenland at such an alarming rate that Greenie is freed from her ice prison.

Malnourished and tattooed with blood stains from centuries past, Greenie enjoys her newfound freedom by racing through the semi-frozen landscape at blistering speeds until a net captures her. The net belongs to Sha, a 30-something environmentalist with good intentions.

Convinced that weak and undersized Greenie couldn't survive in the wild, Sha takes the seemingly harmless bunny back to Redondo Beach, California, where she plans to nurse the little creature back to health before releasing her at an environmentally-appropriate ski resort.

Little does Sha know that Greenie talks, is riddled with pure evil, and, more importantly, is a vampire who has been "dead" for over 1820 years.

Comedy, terror and error ensue in the sleepy beach town as blood-thirsty Greenie turns Redondo Beach into "Redondo Screech."

Valhalla is good.  Immortality is better.

While looting a remote monastery in Northern Europe, a band of Vikings break the ancient pact that has kept vampires away from the human world. Now the Vikings must fight for survival against the most bloodthirsty enemy they’ve ever encountered.

Tentative Shooting Date: Summer 2024.

Ask about our “no risk” presales agreement.

Seeking investors.  Please feel free to inquire.