In Development

To regain his freedom, an outlaw named Rush makes a pact with a powerful judge to transport prisoners captured outside of the county. On the final transport, Rush finds the prisoner is a woman -- one of the most dangerous women in the West. There is a large bounty on her head and Rush must fight to stay one step ahead of the ruthless bounty hunters. During the journey, Rush learns the judge only wants her because she is a threat to expose the judge’s corrupt dealings. Now Rush must choose between teaming up with the prisoner or delivering her to "justice" in a wild race for survival.

Shooting Date: Summer 2024.

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Once upon a time, a songbird named Hope was born. Her destiny was to sing a song that would defeat The Glob who was eating everything on the planet. There were only two itty-bitty problems: Hope doesn’t know her song, nor she doesn’t have the confidence the song will work. With a little help from her friends, Hope tries to discover her song and find her inner confidence in time to save the planet.