"Phil's agency has been fantastic for us. Not only has he negotiated multiple distribution contracts across the world, but these deals are with meaningful distributors, and distributors that have yielded results very quickly across great platforms, including Amazon. In addition, Phil is easy to contact, helpful and accessible. Perhaps most importantly, his contract has been more than fair to us as filmmakers. Having seen the alternative, it is very meaningful to be signed with an agent that both understands filmmakers, and works to protect and champion them. Phil has done fantastically for our first film, he has been AMAZING to work with and we're already in contact with him for distribution on subsequent films."

Colin Adams-Toomey

"“Lost Creek”"

"Phil has been successful with selling a family feature film from Eastern Europe. He's completely transparent, communicative and a friend. I can recommend Phil to all independent filmmakers. You will enjoy working with a producer/sales agent who has over 10 years of market experience."

Wojciech Stuchlik

"“Behind The Blue Door” & “Sparrow”"

"Wonderphil has done a great job with my film. I was very pleased with the wide range of international distribution he was able to obtain for my film. He is very grounded and easy to communicate with whenever I have any questions. Phil has exceeded all of my expectations and I highly recommend him, especially for new filmmakers."

Fred Grant

""Dekiru: The Three Stones""

"Phil took my film dream and helped make it a reality. He offered us a real, profitable sales representation deal that nobody else at the American Film Market would have respectably brought to the table. Very honest and upfront for this first-time feature filmmaker... no fine print surprises, just continued sales year after year with our title. I want to make another movie just so Phil can sell it for me!"

Brendan Nagle

""The Essentials" "

"Wonderphil Entertainment has developed a unique marketing concept where filmmakers are highly valued. For 5 years, I've had the honor and pleasure of working with Wonderphil Entertainment. Their representation of our award winning indie film has repeatedly brought The Boarder to worldwide markets. With Phil Gorn's creativity and plain hard work, The Boarder has remained on their active distribution list and has kept Wonderphil a true leader in the film distribution arena."

Jane Ryan

""The Boarder" (aka "Troubled Child")"

"We wrestled a film back from a sales agent who held the rights for over two years without a single deal. We thought we were relegated to self-release on VOD until Phil asked to see it. Within a year he had sold it in North America with a major TV release, then Europe, Africa and Asia. He's completely transparent, totally hardworking and a friend to the filmmakers he represents."

Stuart Culpepper & Karin Williams


"Wonderphil has been just that… wonderful. They sold my first film worldwide when I truly did not think it could do so well. They helped produce and then sold my second, third, fourth and fifth films. As I prepare for my sixth, I am living my dream of making movies."

Stefano Milla

"“Gladiator Games", "Kingdom of Gladiators", "Solid State", "Richard: The Lionheart”, “Richard The Lionheart: Rebellion”"

"I would highly recommend Phil to all independent filmmakers. Upon going through distribution for the first time I have found Wonderphil Entertainment to be invaluable with his knowledge and expertise. Myself being from the UK found the communication to be first class and considering the time zone difference this has never been an issue. Wonderphil as a whole has been a smooth, honourable progress and I hope to continue working alongside in the future."

Nicola Morter

"“Book of the Dead”"

"Phil's reputation for being honest and ethical has proven true and it's also just wonderful that he is so accessible and available to his filmmakers, communicating regularly and promptly. No matter the size of your film or whether it's your first time out, he treats you and your film with great enthusiasm and respect."

Stelana Kliris


"As all low-budget independent filmmakers know from stepping foot in one film market, it's rare to come across a sales agent you can trust, and Wonderphil has proven to be that sales agent. They have ample connections throughout the distribution world, actively sell the product, are very responsive to email and phone calls, and they are paying regularly to help us recoup our bottom line. You won't find many sales agents like Wonderphil."

Eric Jacobus

"“Death Grip”"

"Wonderphil has been great! Having worked with different companies in the past and currently, Phil's approach of keeping the filmmaker in the loop and treating the producers like people make working with him easy - the way it should be. Not to mention, he sells the movies! For us, he is a perfect fit!"

Jeremy Benson

"“Live Animals”"

"Ever since I was approached by Wonderphil Productions this has been a very smooth ride. I had been burned just shortly before by another distributor and know what can go wrong. Not here though: a good and fair contract, great communication and letting me know exactly what's going on, as well as prompt payment makes me very comfortable in recommending Wonderphil to all the producers out there."

Sebastian Panneck

"“Headhunter: The Assessment Weekend”"