About Us

The Mission

We're representing films at many of the major Film/TV markets, including the American Film Market (Los Angeles), EFM (Berlin), FilmArt (Hong Kong), NATPE (Miami), MIPTV & MIPCOM (Cannes) and the Cannes Film Festival/Market. Buyers from all over the world attend these markets, providing us the opportunity to sell the film to individual territories. Between markets, we place films for domestic & international release.

The Films

We're interested in ALL GENRES of feature films & documentaries. We represent some films for commercial reasons (i.e., it’s an easy sell) & we represent other films simply because we feel it's a work of art that needs to be recognized.

The Money

Phil Gorn is an independent filmmaker and has experienced many deals in the last 10 years. His earlier dealings for his own independent films usually ended with him seeing no money whatsoever. He’s signed his films with sales agents and – although on paper it looked as if he was receiving 75% or even 80% - the expenses always seemed to be higher than the money owed. That’s the reality for many of the independent filmmakers. Now we know better and we’re trying to change this reality – attempting to be a safe island in a sea of sharks.


We're not hiding all of the filmmaker's earnings in the never-ending loophole so fondly known as “expenses”. We want the independent producers of the world to make a chunk of money so they can go out and make their next movie. Our contract is straightforward, simple and requires little obligation. Producers will get paid from the first deal.

The Bottom Line

If the producer isn’t happy, then we’re not happy. If the producer wants out of the contract, we make it very easy for this to happen. We don’t want to hold onto a producer’s film if they no longer want our representation. We’ve tried to take the sting out of signing away your film. We will simply do our best & if that isn’t good enough, then you’ll be free to go elsewhere. But, hopefully, we will all be ecstatic to work together, make lots of money & live happily ever after.

Phil Gorn

Phil was born & raised in San Francisco. When he grew tall enough to see out of the projection room window, Phil became a projectionist in his family’s repertory movie theater (similar to Salvatore in Cinema Paradiso). Graduating from San Francisco State University, he began writing, producing, editing & directing features. After exploring representation for his own films, Phil found a need to start his own sales company -- for himself as well as his fellow filmmakers.