A prince must learn to be a hero.

In a time of demons and Gods warring for domination, a prince is sent on a mission to rescue his brother and recover a magical armor stolen by the God of Destruction.

How would you react if you were a martial arts expert, had a katana in your hand, and your daughter had just been kidnapped? 

Sensei Marín begins a desperate race - in real time - to rescue his kidnapped daughter.

Bullets and Katanas is a crazy, cheeky and unique movie with a full immersive experience for the viewer. The first 50 minutes is shot in real time - shot in one take - in which the viewer accompanies the protagonists in their quest.

The second half is shot in the purest style of classic Hong Kong cinema of the '80s with plenty of nods to the genre, cameos and tributes.

The original version is in Spanish. 

An alternate version is dubbed in English.

Current rating on imdb: 7.7/10

Escaping from Morocco during the Arab Spring but stranded in Spain, a scientist tries to find safety with his time machine invention. He is aided by an American Action Hero stranded in the 80´s. As clandestine forces close in, our heroes must avoid capture by the U.S. Army, the local militia and an unknown enemy – while trying not to kill each other in the process.


In this modern-day spaghetti western, Rusty is hired by his sexy neighbor to track down her husband’s murderer.


On the run from a mob boss out for revenge, cage fighter Jake Bolt seeks refuge in the seedy underground of San Francisco. As the gangsters close in, he fights his way through crime filled streets and nightclubs to protect the woman he loves and win back the respect of his family. Out of options, Bolt returns to face the mob boss and his soldiers one last time for the ultimate cage match.

Three low-life criminals attempt to rob an elderly woman's home, but her live-in nurse turns out to be much more trouble than they bargained for.“An action film with a kick-ass female lead.” -- Film Threat

“A salute to powerful women with a side of pain for the creeps who cross them.” -- What She Said Radio

“A brisk, action-packed Tarantino-esque thriller. Good wham-bam fun.” -- Starburst Magazine

Separated at birth, two rival gladiators must learn their true identity to unite and save the kingdom.

A king makes a pact with an ancient demon and after many years of ruling his kingdom in peace, the demon has come to collect. Now a group of rival gladiators must fight for the survival of the kingdom. And the duel they never expected is about to begin.

A Templar Knight is forced to fight as a gladiator where challengers from different worlds duel in a quest for a magical sword. Then the Templar learns he is scheduled to fight his master who has become a man of greed and ambition. Now the Templar teams with his adversaries against the master and his disciples.

Left for dead in the Holy Land and hoping to find his master and mentor, a Templar Knight is the only survivor of a battle in the desert. Struggling for life, he travels through unknown territories where he is attacked and captured by a tribe of warriors.

The Templar is forced to fight as a gladiator in a secret cave where challengers from different worlds duel in a quest for a magical sword. The Templar is devastated by this sudden twist of his life and even his religious faith is tested as he fights on.

The Templar discovers his master is participating in the tournament and that the two are scheduled to fight. And his master is not the man he once knew but has become a man of greed and ambition. Now the Templar teams with his adversaries against the mad ambition of his master and his disciples.

Morality is for another day.

United States-Canadian border 1891: Twenty-three nuns and seven priests are found dead at a burned down monastery. U.S. Marshall William James Richford and Mounted Policeman Richard Custer need to work together to find one of the most ruthless gangs of their time.

The steel of weapons does not always determine the outcome of war.

The year is 1173. England and France are at war. The destiny of the two great powers has never been so intertwined. King Henry’s wife, Queen Eleanor, and his sons are now on the side of France. As King Henry and King Louis play their war games of cat and mouse, Eleanor is captured and imprisoned by Henry. Richard and his brothers lead the fight against their father even though they do not trust King Louis. Allegiances shift with each victory or defeat as the fate of England and France sways in a delicate balance.

Honor. Loyalty. Ambition. Courage. Strength.
How the Legend of Lionheart began.

England and France are on the brink of war. The aging King Henry II is ready to let one of his sons rule England and lead the fight against France but he doesn't feel his sons are qualified. Richard shows the most aptitude but he seems more interested in drinking than ruling a country. Henry decides to test Richard's loyalty, honor and skill by sending him to a hellish prison in which the prisoners must fight for survival against diverse adversaries. This test of ingenuity, character and strength is how Richard acquires the surname of Lionheart.

The Human Race Gets A Second Chance.


In 2155, through a multi-dimensional portal, an alien invasion annihilates nearly the entire human race. Some of the people who manage to survive are miners hidden on the dark side of the moon.


Years after the invasion, and with the use of new technology, three soldiers are sent back to Earth. Their plan is to connect with the human resistance and end the occupation of the aliens.


Upon arrival, our three heroes soon find themselves face to face with the all-powerful guardian of the portal known as the Sentinel and its army. Despite being completely outnumbered, the soldiers are determined to accomplish their mission at any cost and reclaim Earth.

A female American rock band is touring through Europe when a meteor lands nearby. It creates a mysterious illness that infects the area. Sickness leads to death. The band tries to escape the area before they, too, become infected. But the only way to escape is to defeat this alien outbreak.