Maísa is a woman preoccupied with appearances and overly connected to the online world. She is married to the conservative Leonardo who seemingly lives up to a high standard. Their struggling relationship worsens when they meet another couple. Adélia is independent, manipulative and determined. Her new boyfriend, Heitor, is sensitive and caring but has a hard time being forceful.

Each has varying dreams and desires as they flirt with the idea of changing relationships.

An indecisive millennial struggling with conflicting expectations garnered from social media must decide today to either travel the world on a last-minute trip or find “stability” with a guy she met on Tinder.

In the theme of “The Truman Show” & “Pleasantville”, the fictional characters in the popular sitcom “Suburbia” come to realize they’re not real… and the show is ending. Now in the season’s finale, the characters must find a way to keep the show going or they will cease to exist.

With Christmas fast approaching, a group of friends begin to realize not all is what it seems – they are characters in a sit-com. What also becomes clear is this is the last episode and the show is set to be cancelled. Thus begins a different kind of plot, one to save the show itself and the impending doom that comes with cancellation.

Filled with heart, laughs, drama, and Christmas cheer, A CHRISTMAS CANCELLATION is a genre bending, thought provoking, movie within a show.

Based on a play that toys with us as much as it plays with itself, A One-Sided Affair is a provocative exploration of current events. When a famous composer dies, he leaves his family in a dilemma: either they become the center of a national controversy or let his entire estate go to his cats. Tensions about the embarrassing topic rise when a right-wing newscaster stays under the same roof as the left-leaning, opinionated family.

"A son can bear with equanimity the loss of his father, but the loss of his inheritance may drive him to despair." - Niccolo Machiavelli

Destiny could be closer than you think. In this award-winning romantic comedy, the solitary residents in a Los Angeles apartment building suddenly find themselves forced to rely on each other during the California stay-at-home. They are about to learn a lot about themselves as well as their rather unusual neighbors.

Adulting is a comedic web series about an unlikely duo, Katie and Charlie, who take their first stab at the real world together and attempt to be adults (key word: attempt).

No money, no plan, just problems. Welcome to ADULTING. You’re probably familiar with the idea: spending your whole life preparing for adulthood and then realizing you have no idea what you’re doing. Adulting explores this hilarious and terrifying part of our lives through an unlikely duo, Katie and Charlie. Katie is a relentlessly chipper actress (waitress) and Charlie’s the hardened realist who just wants you to give up and start drinking. They’ve just graduated college and moved to L.A. with big dreams and empty wallets. From finding apartments, to sharing a mattress, to learning the difference between a head and a clove of garlic - the girls learn life lessons the hard way: failing hard and pushing through (cue the tequila).

An affluent couple hosts a dinner party for friends, promising them an amazing meal. As the night goes on, uninvited guests arrive, wine flows, and dinner is strangely delayed.

When the party is interrupted by a shocking diversion, one of the guests goes off on his own and discovers something unexpected about what’s being served for dinner.

As identities unravel, the host tries to maintain control of his carefully orchestrated evening as the party descends into violence, bizarre sexual escapades, and the absurd.

Life is short.  Take the money.


Andy Fielder is an unconfident Chicago accountant who steals three million dollars from his boss, a corrupt plastic surgeon.  Escaping to Los Angeles, Andy quickly finds himself being hunted by his boss and his men.  He bands together with his best friend as well as two people he meets on his travels as he tries to stay one step ahead of his pursuers – all the while attempting to fulfill a promise he made to his dying father.

Straight-laced Bryan has agreed to drive his grandparents’ luxury RV during Christmas break to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. Misadventures ensue when Bryan’s wild friend, Todd, talks Bryan into bringing him along with two girls.

Budding author and burned out high school English teacher, Nicholas Cutler, has been waiting 44 years for his life to start. Just when it looks like he may have to accept a life of unfilled ambitions and failure, Cutler receives an offer to publish one of his novels from a respected publishing house.

But what promises to be the best week of his life professionally, spirals into seven days of hell personally for the narcissistic and opportunistic bachelor. His gravely ill brother-in-law needs a kidney, his clucky girlfriend and boss demands a commitment, his troubled star basketball player is incarcerated while a misguided student teacher named Sarah requires his leadership.

And when his novel is suddenly passed over at the eleventh hour for a manuscript written by his most detested student, Cutler realizes there’s more to life than just himself and his personal pursuits; that a life not shared is a life not lived.

Receiving an eviction notice, the perpetually unemployed Paul & Rob are forced to try one crazy money scheme after another to prevent themselves from becoming homeless.  Something is bound to work… Right?

How would you react if you were a martial arts expert, had a katana in your hand, and your daughter had just been kidnapped? 

Sensei Marín begins a desperate race - in real time - to rescue his kidnapped daughter.

Bullets and Katanas is a crazy, cheeky and unique movie with a full immersive experience for the viewer. The first 50 minutes is shot in real time - shot in one take - in which the viewer accompanies the protagonists in their quest.

The second half is shot in the purest style of classic Hong Kong cinema of the '80s with plenty of nods to the genre, cameos and tributes.

Wagga is a country town that loves its sport but is divided over its loyalty for the rival codes, AFL and NRL. It's in this setting that we find our hero Chase Daylight. Chase's dream to play in the NRL is falling by the wayside, just like his relationship to Brooke. Chase seems destined to follow in the steps of his unfaithful father. At his lowest point, Chase takes a leap of faith to sort out his life. But living this out is a far greater challenge than he imagined. Chase gets dropped from the team and dumped by his girlfriend. His leap of faith might possibly be the worst decision he has ever made.

“When Harry Met Sally” meets “Pretty Woman” in this delightful romantic comedy about a man who is being pressured to propose to his girlfriend and picks up a runaway bride (Melia Kreiling) on the side of the road.  What ensues is a bizarre road trip –- exploring ideas of love, marriage and commitment -- with a surprise ending.

Melia Kreiling’s most notable roles are “Bianca” in the Showtime series “The Borgias” opposite Academy Award-winning actor Jeremy Irons, “Bathsheba” in the History Channel’s smash hit series “The Bible” and Marvel’s blockbuster “Guardians of the Galaxy”.  She is currently the lead opposite James Corden on Amazon's "Mammals" & Melia will be in the third season of Netflix's “Emily in Paris”.


A different kind of ghost story.

In this sexy comedy, three girls who just wanna have fun encounter a naughty paranormal force that makes them question the need for the opposite sex. Everything is going great until someone decides to give up the ghost and suddenly they realize just how difficult it can be to break up with a jealous, passionate paranormal.

Don't lose your head.

"Re-Animator" meets "Stranger Things" as a young woman and her friends band together to investigate a dark secret hiding beneath her small college town. Discovering a growing cyborg threat, their path leads straight to the Decapitarium.