Five scientists awake from a cryogenic sleep and find themselves trapped in an underground facility. With no memory of who they are or how long they've been asleep, they begin to realize they may have been part of a scientific experiment gone wrong. After a series of strange events, the scientists find themselves being hunted. They do not know who is hunting them or for what reason but the scientists begin to suspect that one of them may be the killer.

Joel finds investors for a new technology known as XVR. Xtreme Virtual Reality offers the most realistic and moving experiences for users by placing them in the lives of the less fortunate. Joel soon discovers that the tech's creators have far more sinister uses in store for their creation and that the reality it provides its customers isn't virtual.

The future. Look forward to it!

1938’s finest film reveals the wonder-world of 2018 A.D.

In this “lost” 1938 film, an intrepid agent travels time to the far-off future: 2018 AD! He fights the Fuhrer and goes gaga for a gal… but will he leave his love to save civilization?

Filmed in eye-popping vintage SpectaColor, it’s classic Hollywood in all its glory. Starring ESSEX, the dashing dimpled hero and BANKY, the gorgeous leading lady with a wicked wit and world-weary edge. Plus scheming hoodlums, gleaming sky-scrapers, and screaming laughs! All set in OUR MODERN WORLD... as imagined by the film-makers of 1938.

The film’s female lead is BETTY GILPIN, who has become a star via her lead role on Netflix’s GLOW. She is also known for high-profile roles on Nurse JackieAmerican Gods, and Masters of Sex.

The male lead is NICK WESTRATE, who plays Robert Townsend on the acclaimed AMC series Turn: Washington’s Spies and has appeared on Mildred PierceBlue BloodsPerson of Interest, and Quantico.

Future ’38 begins with a highly tongue-in-cheek introduction by NEIL DEGRASSE TYSON, the internationally famous astrophysicist and science communicator. He is most widely known for hosting Cosmos and StarTalk.

SEAN YOUNG is an icon for her role in Blade Runner. She’s also starred in No Way Out, with key roles in DuneAce Ventura Pet DetectiveStripes, and Wall Street.

ROBERT JOHN BURKE was the lead in Robocop 3 and many other features, including various Hal Hartley films. He is widely known for his television roles on Law & Order SVUGossip Girl, and Rescue Me.

ETHAN PHILLIPS played “Neelix” on every episode of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. He was also a regular on Benson.

“Blade Runner” meets “The Raid” in this action-packed thriller. An elite military unit must take down an illegal android manufacturer that is about to launch their latest experiment –- the smartest and strongest android on the market.

When emotionally isolated barista Dan Duncombe starts receiving strange messages on the inside of his bedroom window, he is forced to become involved with the lives of the people around him - and he soon discovers a web of relationships that unites them all. By helping them connect with each other, he comes to understand how he connected is with each of them. Light-hearted, upbeat and charming, Love & Time Travel is an excellent date movie about love, relationships, and time travel of the brain.

“Misery” meets “Her” in this futuristic thriller where the master becomes the slave.

In the mid-twenty-first century, a recluse painter purchases a Muse, a genetically engineered bio-form designed to be his perfect mate. Gradually, he learns she is anything but perfect as the Muse reveals a very different side of herself. She was built to satisfy his every desire. Turns out, she's got a few of her own.

Shelly Lawson and her family move into a beautiful southern estate only to discover that their new home is subject to unexplainable phenomena. After her daughter is sent to the hospital due to a mysterious sickness, Shelly decides to post an online video pleading for help. Dr. James Clay, a once acclaimed scientist, answers the plea and may be the one person who not only believes her but can help fight whatever it is that seems to possess the house. Full of unforeseen twists, this movie will keep you on the edge of your seat.

They all want to shoot the messenger.

An elite group of spies, called Pigeons, deliver messages secured by a phrase.  A former Pigeon, bent on revenge, turns an agent on his maker.  Now the messenger becomes a deadly message.

A suicidal girl falls in love with a fallen angel. The other angels and demons will stop at nothing to put an end to this forbidden romance.


Is she one or many? 

When her dad dies suddenly, CIA agent Tara Croydon decides to undergo a surgery that will genetically transform her into a superspy. Tara is now able to shift into different identities, morphing her outward appearance to fit into multiple missions.  As she continues her quest to discover the truth about her own family, she starts questioning the true nature of the operation amidst her nefarious boss's actions and her father's sudden death.


Estimated Completion Date: March 2023.  Rough cut screener available upon request.

A female American rock band is touring through Europe when a meteor lands nearby. It creates a mysterious illness that infects the area. Sickness leads to death. The band tries to escape the area before they, too, become infected. But the only way to escape is to defeat this alien outbreak.

In the future, a strict environmental law causes paper to become a rare good. Printing is a crime. All information flows through a unique data network run by the Zimurgh Corporation.

A series of murders brings Arthur, an English academic with distant Italian origins, to take the complex and clue-filled path made centuries before by Dante and Hieronymus Bosch (the painter of the Seven Deadly Sins).

As Arthur tries to solve the murders, he finds an ancient world willing to do anything to protect its secret society and ancient secrets. Arthur finds himself entangled in the complex web of symbology and must overcome his deepest fears to shed light on the ritual murders inspired by the Seven Deadly Sins.

Influenced by The Da Vinci Code, The Broken Key has many pitfalls and plot twists. Our protagonist fights for survival as he tries to learn the ancient wisdom and the key to the mystery.