Inspired by Scottish legend, this feel-good comedy follows the antics of the solitary forest elf, Ghillie Dhu, who becomes friends with a girl lost in the woods. When she is unexpectedly whisked away by her mother, a forlorn Ghillie sets out on a quest to find his lost companion.

Years later, in the city, Ghillie meets Jessie Macrae, a plucky teenager determined to win favor with her high-flying mother by becoming a renowned hair stylist. When Jessie discovers that Ghillie has a gift for hair styling, they strike up a unique partnership which causes chaos for the manager of the chic hair salon and catapults Jessie to fame.

Thanks to Ghillie, Jessie’s dreams are within reach, but will this meeting of two worlds be enough to overcome the deep hurt of broken relationships through the generations?

Five-year-old Jordan walks miles through the night in the wake of a car accident on an isolated mountain road. But when a small town sheriff finally locates the girl's missing mother, Jordan claims the woman is an impostor.

Despite the woman's tears and open arms -– as well as the baby pictures and birth certificate she provides to the sheriff -- Jordan insists her real mother is still out there, waiting in the woods. What follows is a story of psychological suspense and danger about the ferociously powerful bond between mother and child - and how far each one will go to protect it.

No one believes like a kid so no one gets scared like a kid.

Eleven-year-old PETER moves to a new town with his recently divorced mother. Exploring his neighborhood, Peter feels something is wrong – very wrong - the adults are disappearing! Of course, his mother and only friend in school, BILL, feel the only thing wrong is Peter’s overactive imagination. Playing at the nearby Lost Creek, Peter befriends MAGGIE, a mysterious girl who only seems to appear at the creek. On the night of Halloween, Peter, Maggie and Bill must band together to face their fears and uncover the dark secrets of Lost Creek.

A popular high school student must begin to hide something from nearly everyone -- a small thing that is becoming bigger and bigger: HE is pregnant.

When Janet Turner comes to believe God has given her the power to heal, her two grown children wrestle with how to react.

Laura Ross is the host of the regionally respected and successful podcast, “Modernly Independent,” chronicling her independent lifestyle through all types of modern and old-fashioned traditions and activities.

Laura engages and inspires listeners to be themselves, choose their own path, and not fear the life of a single woman. She and her producer, Paul, are the best of friends but have never made the jump to more than that.

Complications arise once they are offered a chance to be picked up by a national podcast network as they aim to impress the network exec who joins their team. Once an anonymous listener submits a daily “Christmas Spirit Challenge,” an advent calendar of activities to get someone truly into the Christmas spirit of togetherness, their podcasting relationship is challenged to make room for new traditions.

Premiering on UPtv Faith and Family: November 11, 2022

Chris Karas is the brilliant leader of The Pranksters, a secret society that rights the wrongs of high school by pulling sophisticated pranks on deserving oppressors. But with graduation looming ahead, Chris longs for more from life. Guided by the homespun wisdom of his charmingly eccentric Uncle Nick, Chris embarks on a challenging path of self-discovery and romance.

The Prankster is an American independent teen comedy in the tradition of John Hughes classics like Sixteen Candles and Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. Shot entirely in Marin County (San Francisco Bay Area), it has exceptional production value, features beautiful imagery and a diverse cast, as well as a world class soundtrack by Skywalker Sound, mixed by Oscar winner Gary Rizzo. The score is composed by Emmy Award Winner Charles Denler, and also features an array of pop songs by talented artists including “Impossible” by Swedish super group the Shout Out Louds; original compositions by jazz man Ralph Carney; and two songs by cast member Devon Werkheiser, who has a huge following among teens worldwide. It has aired on Showtime and Starz.

"The Sky Princess" is a CG-animated feature film about an ordinary girl who becomes an African princess with the help of a magical bird. But when the thrill of palace life fades, the same magic that transformed her into royalty prevents her from returning home.

A Noble Peak Productions / Wonderphil Entertainment Film.

The answer lies within.

Neal Kumar seems to have everything: a beautiful family, a large home and an extremely successful career in Silicon Valley. When his youngest daughter tragically commits suicide during her freshman year of college, no one seems to know why. But Neal is determined to learn the truth. Traveling across California to investigate, Neal’s seemingly idyllic life begins to unravel.