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In 2155, through a multi-dimensional portal, an alien invasion annihilates nearly the entire human race. Some of the people who manage to survive are miners hidden on the dark side of the moon.


Years after the invasion, and with the use of new technology, three soldiers are sent back to Earth. Their plan is to connect with the human resistance and end the occupation of the aliens.


Upon arrival, our three heroes soon find themselves face to face with the all-powerful guardian of the portal known as the Sentinel and its army. Despite being completely outnumbered, the soldiers are determined to accomplish their mission at any cost and reclaim Earth.

How would you react if you were a martial arts expert, had a katana in your hand, and your daughter had just been kidnapped? 

Sensei Marín begins a desperate race - in real time - to rescue his kidnapped daughter.

Bullets and Katanas is a crazy, cheeky and unique movie with a full immersive experience for the viewer. The first 50 minutes is shot in real time - shot in one take - in which the viewer accompanies the protagonists in their quest.

The second half is shot in the purest style of classic Hong Kong cinema of the '80s with plenty of nods to the genre, cameos and tributes.

The original version is in Spanish. 

An alternate version is dubbed in English.

Current rating on imdb: 7.7/10

A gigantic asteroid crashes near the Grand Canyon and shatters into pieces. Anyone who comes in contact turns to stone. Like a black hole, the mother stone takes in other stones and grows bigger -- moving across the land, absorbing everything in its path. At the same time, an asteroid shower hits a space station and the occupants on the space station must fight a similar threat. Now a scientist and her team must learn to defeat this alien force -- fighting fire with fire, fighting stone with stone.

Shooting dates:

The 1st half was shot in April.  The 2nd half is currently being shot. 

Movie to be completed in January 2024.

Seeking investors.  Ask about our “no risk” presales agreement.

This is the incredible true story of Emanuele Assuero, a blind artist who has the extraordinary gift of making true-to-life portraits just by listening to human voices.  As people learn of his amazing ability, Emanuele becomes a TV star. He tries to retain his dignity in a world where his gift is marginalized.

Starring the legendary Faye Dunaway (3-time Oscar winner/nominee, 10-time Golden Globe winner/nominee) and Kevin Spacey (2-time Oscar winner, 9-time Golden Globe winner/nominee).

Current version is in Italian with English subtitles.

An English version is coming soon…

When a boy is kidnapped by a trafficking ring, a vigilante teams up with a social worker to track down the criminals.

This gritty independent feature has the feel of Jennifer Lopez’s latest film, “The Mother”, and the Charles Bronson classic, “Death Wish”.

Relentless Ride captures the remarkable journey of cyclists tackling the brutal Arkansas High Country bike-packing race, a grueling 1,000-mile course with 80,000 feet of cumulative elevation gain. In this self-supported ultra-endurance odyssey, some chase the elusive fastest known time, while others embark on a quest for personal transformation amidst the rugged terrain. As they plumb the depths of their humanity, these athletes must carry or scavenge all they require to conquer the unforgiving route. Bodies falter, minds waver, yet they hover on the precipice of the unimaginable. For those who delve deepest, the ultimate prize lies in discovering the inner beauty that awaits beyond the finish line.

We follow determined ‘Lumberjacks’ and ‘Lumberjills’ from their homes and training grounds to the Lumberjack World Championships and see what it takes to be crowned victorious amongst some of the greatest loggers and sawyers in the world.

This documentary reveals so much more than simple competition. Lumberjacking is bigger than timber and steel. It is a mastery of the elements and mastery of self.

Note: Jacks & Jills is in the final stages of post-production.

Screener available upon request.

In February 1945, over eight hundred black women from the United States joined the U.S. Army and were sent to England to clear the three-year backlog of undelivered mail. Faced with racism and sexism from every direction, they managed to sort more than 17 million pieces of mail.

Led by Major Charity Adams, the highest-ranking black female in the U.S. Army during World War II, the 6888th Central Postal Directory Battalion, "The SixTripleEight", was the only all-black female unit of the Women's Army Corps to serve in Europe during the war.

Their mission: Get the backlog of mail that was stacked to the ceilings in Quonset huts in Birmingham, England to the soldiers. They adopted the motto, "No Mail, Low Morale."  In three months, they processed over 17 million pieces of mail working three eight-hour shifts, seven days a week, 24 hours a day.

Note: Tyler Perry is currently in post-production on a movie version starring Susan Sarandon, Kerry Washington & Oprah Winfrey.

The logo graphic on the poster is the Congressional Gold Medal designed by the United States Mint.  The legislation was signed into law by President Biden in March 2022.

An atypical pizza-at-home experience guaranteed to make you hungry.

Living in Prague, Frankie begins making Neapolitan pizza at home, using a tiny electric oven, to the delight of his friends. After some months, what was a passion-fueled pastime, turns into an actual business. Thanks to word of mouth and social networks, clients buy his pizza every week and his apartment turns into a social hub for pizza lovers.