The Gorn

Featured | 90 minutes | 2024 | 4K | USA/Italy


A gigantic asteroid crashes near the Grand Canyon and shatters into pieces. Anyone who comes in contact turns to stone. Like a black hole, the mother stone takes in other stones and grows bigger -- moving across the land, absorbing everything in its path. At the same time, an asteroid shower hits a space station and the occupants on the space station must fight a similar threat. Now a scientist and her team must learn to defeat this alien force -- fighting fire with fire, fighting stone with stone.

Movie to be completed in June 2024.

Cast & Credits


Michael Pare (The Lincoln Lawyer)

Christopher Showerman (George of the Jungle 2)



Directed by Stefano Milla (Sentinel)

Produced by Phil Gorn, Stefano Milla & Mark Ragno