The Gorn

Featured, In Development | 90 minutes | 2024 | 4K | USA/Italy


A gigantic asteroid crashes near the Grand Canyon and shatters into pieces. Anyone who comes in contact turns to stone. Like a black hole, the mother stone takes in other stones and grows bigger -- moving across the land, absorbing everything in its path. At the same time, an asteroid shower hits a space station and the occupants on the space station must fight a similar threat. Now a scientist and her team must learn to defeat this alien force -- fighting fire with fire, fighting stone with stone.

Shooting dates:

The 1st half was shot in April.  The 2nd half is currently being shot. 

Movie to be completed in January 2024.

Seeking investors.  Ask about our “no risk” presales agreement.

Cast & Credits


To Be Announced


Directed by Stefano Milla
Producers: Phil Gorn & Stefano Milla