The Defender

Featured, Non-USA, Thriller | 102 minutes | 2023 | 4K | UK


When a boy is kidnapped by a trafficking ring, a vigilante teams up with a social worker to track down the criminals.

This gritty independent feature has the feel of Jennifer Lopez’s latest film, “The Mother”, and the Charles Bronson classic, “Death Wish”.

Cast & Credits

Sasha MacPherson (introducing)
Atta Yaqub (A Fond Kiss)
Stephen Kerr (Breaking the Band)
Parmy Singh (River City)

Written & Directed by Gary J. Hewitt
Producer: Diane Brooks

Best Indie Film, Best Actress, Best Cinematography: Milan Independent Awards

Best Feature & Best Cinematography: 8 & HalFilm Awards

Winner: Best Feature Film, Sweden Film Awards

Winner: Best Actress, Sweden Film Awards

Best Thriller: Robinson Film Awards (August 2023)

Honorable Mention and Best Cinematography: Art Film Awards

“Characters are truly authentic and their dialogue feels spontaneous and specific.” – Screencraft