The Christmas Challenge

Drama, Family, Romantic | 86 minutes | 2022 | 4K | USA


Laura Ross is the host of the regionally respected and successful podcast, “Modernly Independent,” chronicling her independent lifestyle through all types of modern and old-fashioned traditions and activities.

Laura engages and inspires listeners to be themselves, choose their own path, and not fear the life of a single woman. She and her producer, Paul, are the best of friends but have never made the jump to more than that.

Complications arise once they are offered a chance to be picked up by a national podcast network as they aim to impress the network exec who joins their team. Once an anonymous listener submits a daily “Christmas Spirit Challenge,” an advent calendar of activities to get someone truly into the Christmas spirit of togetherness, their podcasting relationship is challenged to make room for new traditions.

Premiering on UPtv Faith and Family: November 11, 2022

Cast & Credits

Jennica Schwartzman (Parker’s Anchor)
Zack Gold (Pam & Tommy)
Galadriel Stineman (The Middle)

Directed by Hunter West
Producers: Hunter West, Jennica Schwartzman, Natalie Rufino-Wilson & Adam Taylor
Written by Ryan Schwartzman