The Broken Key

Non-USA, Sci-Fi, Thriller | 120' minutes | 2017 | 4K | Italy


In the future, a strict environmental law causes paper to become a rare good. Printing is a crime. All information flows through a unique data network run by the Zimurgh Corporation.

A series of murders brings Arthur, an English academic with distant Italian origins, to take the complex and clue-filled path made centuries before by Dante and Hieronymus Bosch (the painter of the Seven Deadly Sins).

As Arthur tries to solve the murders, he finds an ancient world willing to do anything to protect its secret society and ancient secrets. Arthur finds himself entangled in the complex web of symbology and must overcome his deepest fears to shed light on the ritual murders inspired by the Seven Deadly Sins.

Influenced by The Da Vinci Code, The Broken Key has many pitfalls and plot twists. Our protagonist fights for survival as he tries to learn the ancient wisdom and the key to the mystery.

Cast & Credits

Rutger Hauer (Blade Runner)
Geraldine Chaplin (Talk To Her)
Christopher Lambert (Highlander)
William Baldwin (Backdraft)
Michael Madsen (Once Upon a Time in Hollywood)
Maria de Medeiros (Pulp Fiction)
Kabir Bedi (Octopussy)
Franco Nero (Django Unchained / Die Hard 2)

Written, Edited & Directed by Louis Nero