Spoof: Based on a True Movie

Animation, Comedy, Non-USA | 75' minutes | 2015 | HD | Italy/USA


100 small parodies of big movies.

“Spoof” is a mixture of animation and live-action. One hundred movie parodies - ranging from 10 seconds to 1 minute – bring new endings to classic scenes. As the movie progresses, the characters and the episodes begin to blend into one another to create a new movie.

Jamez Bond is the lead character in Spoof. Frustrated, he’s not able to figure out a way to complete his famous sentence: “My name is...”, before getting shot. Finally, after 50 years, the gun in the gun-barrel sequence shoots our hero and several other challenges will arise before the sky falls.

Leatherfaze from the Texas Chainzaw Mazzacre will face complications in trying to turn on a chainsaw. And Alfraid Hitchcock will be surprisingly more fearful than the victims in his movies.

Inspector Clouzeau, from The Pink Panfher’s saga, won’t prove to be brave enough in fighting a pink panther that’s much wilder than we’re used to seeing.

In “Rochy vs Ranbo”, Rochy Balboa will show the other characters what it takes to fight your inner enemies but he won’t be prepared for an unexpected external enemy in Afrian. His commitment though will bring encouragement to Indianna Jonez and Nozferatu who will meet unusual characters in the most memorable scenes from their movies. And that’s just before introducing a really different set of Jawz in our Spoof.

Cast & Credits

Vicens Alba
David Pietroni

Directed by: Jonathan Zarantonello
Producers: Lorenzo Foschi, Davide Luchetti & Jonathan Zarantonello
Director of Photography: Daniele Persica & Marco Munarini
Screenplay: Gaia Bracco, Leonardo Settimelli & Jonathan Zarantonello
Music: Flippermusic
Visual Effects: Primo De Santis & Paolo Landolfi
2D Animation: Gaia Bracco
3D Animation: Paul McDonnell & Alessandro Trettenero