Sing My Song

Documentary, Featured, Non-USA | 88 minutes | 2024 | HD | Canada


Sing My Song follows Barbara “Ka Yee” Lee, an award-winning broadcast journalist and community advocate, on her decade long journey to discover why there are no Asian pop stars from North America.

As a songwriter who doesn’t fit the popstar image, the only thing left for her to do is to find a singer for her songs. An insightful, yet poignant search from Vancouver, British Columbia, to Hong Kong to Nashville, Tennessee that will make you think, cry and laugh as you go along the journey with Barbara to make her teenage dream come true.

Cast & Credits

Barbara Lee, Kevin So, Steve Smith, Anthony Anderson, Ronin Wong (The Sinner)

Written, Produced & Directed by Barbara Lee
Executive Producer: Quentin Lee (Laugh Proud)
Editor: Cindy Au Yeung (Jonah)