Action, Featured, Non-USA, Sci-Fi | 90 minutes | 2023 | 4K | USA/ITALY


In 2155, through a multi-dimensional portal, an alien invasion annihilates nearly the entire human race. Some of the people who manage to survive are miners hidden on the dark side of the moon.


Years after the invasion, and with the use of new technology, three soldiers are sent back to Earth. Their plan is to connect with the human resistance and end the occupation of the aliens.


Upon arrival, our three heroes soon find themselves face to face with the all-powerful guardian of the portal known as the Sentinel and its army. Despite being completely outnumbered, the soldiers are determined to accomplish their mission at any cost and reclaim Earth.

Cast & Credits

Jason R. Moore (The Punisher)
Michael Paré (Gone / The Lincoln Lawyer)
Ellie Patrikios (Snowfall)
Denitza Diakovska (Compulsion)
Neil Cole (I, Dog)

Directed by Stefano Milla (Richard The Lionheart)
Producers: Scott Engrotti (Scorpion),  Graziano Molteni (Ms. Rossi), Enrico De Palo & Stefano Milla
Executive Producers: Mary Aloe (Bruised), Daniel J. Beaty, Debra Ross Beaty, Judy Michlin & Phil Gorn

Director of Photography: Juan Rolando (My Christmas Fiance)
Written by Katherine Tomlinson (One Under The Sun)
Visual Effects by Enrico De Palo (Fast and the Furious 6 / Spider-Man: Far From Home / Antman / Avengers: Age Of Ultron / Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle / Tomb Raider / Captain America: Civil War / Guardian’s Of The Galaxy Vol. 2)

Note: Final audio, color correction and vfx to be completed by July 2023. Rough cut available upon request.