Relentless Ride

Documentary, Featured | 106 minutes | 2023 | 4K | USA


Relentless Ride captures the remarkable journey of cyclists tackling the brutal Arkansas High Country bike-packing race, a grueling 1,000-mile course with 80,000 feet of cumulative elevation gain. In this self-supported ultra-endurance odyssey, some chase the elusive fastest known time, while others embark on a quest for personal transformation amidst the rugged terrain. As they plumb the depths of their humanity, these athletes must carry or scavenge all they require to conquer the unforgiving route. Bodies falter, minds waver, yet they hover on the precipice of the unimaginable. For those who delve deepest, the ultimate prize lies in discovering the inner beauty that awaits beyond the finish line.

Cast & Credits

Scotti Lechuga, Ernie Lechuga, Josh Allen, Spencer Ralston

Produced & Directed by Adam Harbottle & Brian Hill


Nominated: Best Documentary, Albuquerque Indie Film Festival

Official Selection: San Luis Obispo Film Festival

Official Selection: Hot Springs Documentary Film Festival