Pill Head

Comedy, Sci-Fi | 80 minutes minutes | 2019 | HD | USA


If “Clockwork Orange” were a comedy, well, it wouldn’t be this.

In this campy, no-budget cult flick, an art student OD’s and wakes up in an experimental psych program. When a side effect causes her to see into parallel universes, her suspicions about her weird doctor grow… And so do her powers. Can they help her escape? The author of a quantum travel guide seems to think so.

Cast & Credits

Emily Tugaw, Daedalus Howell & Alia Beeton

Written & Directed by Daedalus Howell
Producer: Karen Hess

‘Pill Head’ in Top 10 films made in ‘Backlot Petaluma’ -- Horror Screams Video Vault

 “Possibly the most bizarre film ever made in Petaluma…” -- Petaluma Argus-Courier

 “…Dives into the deep end of cinema’s absurdity pool with arthouse flair.” -- North Bay Bohemian

 “…Satirically off-the-wall…” -- Press Democrat

 “…Far outside mainstream movies…” -- Marin Independent Journal

 “…Mind-bending…” -- Sonoma Valley Sun

 “…Whimsical…Hitchcockian…Screened to a sold-out crowd (and a delirious standing ovation)…” -- Petaluma Argus-Courier