Action, Non-USA, Western | 60 minutes | 2023 | 4K | Germany (In English)


Morality is for another day.

United States-Canadian border 1891: Twenty-three nuns and seven priests are found dead at a burned down monastery. U.S. Marshall William James Richford and Mounted Policeman Richard Custer need to work together to find one of the most ruthless gangs of their time.

Cast & Credits


Ferdi Özten (Der Staatsanwalt)

Neven Nöthig (Verbotene Liebe)

Talisa Lara Schmid



Written & Directed by Maximilian Osterholz

Official Selection: Chandler Int’l Film Festival 2023 (Arizona, USA)

Winner, Best Student Film: London Int’l Monthly Film Festival

Official Selection: Wild West Film Festival (Vacaville, California)

Official Selection: Midnight West Fest (Cheyenne, Wyoming)

Official Selection: World London Film Festival

Special Mention: Athens Int’l Monthly Art Film Festival