Sci-Fi, Thriller | 109' minutes | 2016 | 4K | USA


“Misery” meets “Her” in this futuristic thriller where the master becomes the slave.

In the mid-twenty-first century, a recluse painter purchases a Muse, a genetically engineered bio-form designed to be his perfect mate. Gradually, he learns she is anything but perfect as the Muse reveals a very different side of herself. She was built to satisfy his every desire. Turns out, she's got a few of her own.

Cast & Credits

Heather Weeks
Taylor Graham

Directed by Eric Badros Director of Photography: Paul Atkins (Master & Commander) & Ernesto Lomeli (Waiting For Superman)

Best Sci-Fi Feature (Int’l Horror and Sci-Fi Film Festival)

Cinequest International Film Festival