Sci-Fi, Thriller | 118' minutes | 2022 | HD | USA


Five scientists awake from a cryogenic sleep and find themselves trapped in an underground facility. With no memory of who they are or how long they've been asleep, they begin to realize they may have been part of a scientific experiment gone wrong. After a series of strange events, the scientists find themselves being hunted. They do not know who is hunting them or for what reason but the scientists begin to suspect that one of them may be the killer.

Cast & Credits

Emily Marie Palmer (The Last Son / Cobra Kai)
Michael Flynn (Wild Horses)
Mason D. Davis (Identical Love)
Jyllian Petrie (Hogwarts Legacy)
Curt Doussett (Saints and Soldiers: Airborne Creed)

Directed by Barrett Burgin
Producers: Westin Cross & Matthew Siemers
Executive Producers: Mason D. Davis & Colton Elzey


Winner, Audience Award: Kanab Film Festival

Official Selection: Cinequest Film Festival

Official Selection: Chatanooga Film Festival

Official Selection: Desertscape Film Festival