Once Upon a Time in Shangri-la

Drama, Featured, Thriller, Western | 73' minutes | 2017 | 4K | USA


With a Twilight Zone feel, this post-apocalyptic mystery is set in the snowy mountains of California. Alexander, living in exile for the killing of his brother, receives a letter stating his brother is alive and living in a distant village.

Alexander travels through a hard and hostile land to learn who has sent the letter. He comes upon the village and finds the impossible. His brother is alive. Is this some type of hoax or has Alexander been wrong all these years? The many twists & turns will lead to the truth.

Cast & Credits


Jeremy London (God and Generals)

Jason London (Dazed and Confused)

Susan Duerden (Lost)

Masiela Lusha (Sharknado 4 & 5)

Burton Perez (Richard: The Lionheart)

Lee Perkins (Foxcatcher)

Greg Chandler Maness (Richard The Lionheart: Rebellion)

Sean Riggs (Lazarus)

Tess Kartel (The Other Guys)


Written, Produced & Directed by Phil Gorn (A Wall Away)

Executive Producer: Blinov Oleg Adrianovich (Richard The Lionheart: Rebellion)

Director of Photography: Gary Rohan (Gibby)

Music by Dom Capuano (Pokémon)

Based On "Brothers" A Novella By Lester Gorn