Book of the Dead

Horror | 94' minutes | 2012 | HD | UK


“The Book of Eli” meets “Night of the Living Dead” in this post-apocalyptic world overrun with monsters

Cast & Credits

Tim Grieveson,
Damian Morter,
Stuart Wolfenden,
David Frampton,
Sam Cullingworth,
Sarah Jane Honeywell,
George Newton

Written: Directed and Edited by Damian Morter
Producer: Nicola Morter
Executive Producer: Jay Hall
Director of Photography: Dean Hinchliffe
Music: Robert Wingfield

Awards & Nominations:
Winner Best Feature - "Film Blood" Special Effects Award, London
Runner-up Best Film - Fantastic Film Festival
Nominated Best Director & Best Cinematography - Killer Film Festival
Nominated Best Feature, Best Director & Best Score - Jersey Film Festival
Winner Best Director - Horizon Film Festival

Grimmfest UK
Fantastic Film Festival UK
Killer Film Festival U.S.
Holmfirth Film Festival UK
Horizon Film Festival UK
Bloody Hero International Film Festival U.S.
Horrible Imaginings Film Festival U.S.
Worcestershire Film Fest UK
Horror On Sea Film Festival UK
Screentime Film Festival Ireland
Jersey Gore Film Festival
UK Festival Of Zombie Culture

“This is a zombie movie of a different caliber, and one that deserves to be seen by a wider audience! There were times when I felt like I might be watching a Fulci or Romero movie…which, in zombie terms, is a very high compliment! I’m giving The Eschatrilogy 4 out of 4 cigars, it take the zombie genre and adds a dimension that really needed to be added!” – Rogue Cinema

“Amongst the film's major strengths is the locations, be it housing estates overrun with zombies, ruined farmhouses, or the glorious Yorkshire moors, and the stark contrast to the post apocalyptic framing sections, which would not look out of place in The Road.” - Starburst Magazine

“A thoughtful, imaginative, moving, finely-crafted zombie movie with something to say, and it is very definitely deserving of your attention. This is an enigmatic, fascinating film which doesn’t provide all the answers but gives us plenty to discuss and debate. In other words, the sort of film I love.” -

“Well-written, pacy, atmospheric and lots of fun. The spirit of George A. Romero pervades throughout the film.” -