Andy Somebody

Comedy, Featured | 84 minutes | 2023 | 4K | USA


Life is short.  Take the money.


Andy Fielder is an unconfident Chicago accountant who steals three million dollars from his boss, a corrupt plastic surgeon.  Escaping to Los Angeles, Andy quickly finds himself being hunted by his boss and his men.  He bands together with his best friend as well as two people he meets on his travels as he tries to stay one step ahead of his pursuers – all the while attempting to fulfill a promise he made to his dying father.

Cast & Credits

Jeremy Evans (introducing)
Leslie Wong (Dating in the Middle Ages)
Jonathon Buckley (Mayans M.C.)
Jacob Bruce (The Rig)
Franko Marcano (Scales: Mermaids Are Real)
Tim Parrish (Ballers)
Marissa Heart (Breaking Through)
Nicole Butler (NCIS: New Orleans)

Directed by Jesse David Ing
Producers: Jesse David Ing & Leslie Wong
Composer: Matt Gates (The Best Man)

Official Selection: Los Angeles Asian Film Festival