Affected: The Story of US

Documentary | 51' minutes | 2020 | 4K | USA


Affected tells the story of a small business owner who lost over 90% of his revenue in a matter of months after Covid-19 hit America. With much frustration and few options, Artem decided to embark on a journey to document the lives of others who have been impacted by the pandemic.

Throughout his journey, we explore the immeasurable gaps in society, race, education and medicine that have been exponentially magnified. A new divide is on the rise between those who think Covid-19 is a mere hoax that’s killing business, jobs and our economy, and those who think this is one of the biggest pandemics human beings have ever witnessed.

Will these differences cause us to grow further apart or will we manage to come closer together in the face of a new adversary? This documentary doesn’t focus on dates and numbers but instead explores the human aspect of a pandemic that has become as polarizing as it is deadly.

IMPRESSIONS: 1,000,000
VIEWS: 107,471

Cast & Credits

Shayma Al-Hanooti, Nathan Cushing & Artem Koker

Directed by Artem Koker
Producers: Nathan Cushing & Artem Koker

Winner: Film of the Year, Artist of the Year, Best Feature Documentary, Best Editing - Northern Virginia International Music & Film Festival (April 2021)
Nominated: The Mico Award, Action On Int’l Film Festival (April 2021)
Winner: Best Feature Documentary - World Premiere Film Awards
Winner: Best Feature Documentary - Creation Int’l Film Festival
Winner: Best Feature Documentary - Cinema World Fest Awards
Winner: Best Feature Documentary - Kocise Int’l Monthly Film Festival
Winner: Best Social Awareness - World Premiere Film Awards
Winner: Best Social Awareness - Cinema World Fest Awards
Winner: Silver Award - Latitude Film Awards
Winner: Best Trailer - Kocise International Monthly Film Festival
Finalist: Best Producer - US Hollywood Int’l Golden Film Award

“Does a solid job of amplifying both sides of the matter.” - SXSW

“If you don't love it within the first 5 minutes there's something wrong with you. This story felt like the perfect encapsulation of what we as a nation are going through. I honestly would show this to my kids when they're old enough to ask about this time in our lives. Aside from some minor issues this documentary really hits its mark, and should be watched, then watched again. Bravo.” - IMDB User