Comedy, Series | 11 episodes x 9 minutes (95 minutes as one continuous episode) minutes | 2017-2021 | HD | USA


Adulting is a comedic web series about an unlikely duo, Katie and Charlie, who take their first stab at the real world together and attempt to be adults (key word: attempt).

No money, no plan, just problems. Welcome to ADULTING. You’re probably familiar with the idea: spending your whole life preparing for adulthood and then realizing you have no idea what you’re doing. Adulting explores this hilarious and terrifying part of our lives through an unlikely duo, Katie and Charlie. Katie is a relentlessly chipper actress (waitress) and Charlie’s the hardened realist who just wants you to give up and start drinking. They’ve just graduated college and moved to L.A. with big dreams and empty wallets. From finding apartments, to sharing a mattress, to learning the difference between a head and a clove of garlic - the girls learn life lessons the hard way: failing hard and pushing through (cue the tequila).

Cast & Credits

Cassidy Davis (Gone Hollywood)
Mallory Fuccella (Justice With Judge Mablean)
Jetta Juriansz (Recovery / Studio C)
Cameron Kelly (Christmas Hotel)
Richarson Cisneros-Jones (The Thinning: New World Order)

Directors: Cassidy Davis, Conor McGrath, Jenna Michelle Simmons & Elizabeth Lockard

Best Episodic Content, LA Film Festival
Audience Choice Award, Miami Web Festival
Nominated for Best Comedy, Miami Web Fest
Nominated for Best Comedy, Seoul Web Fest
Best On-Screen Chemistry, New Jersey Web Fest
Best Supporting Actress in a Comedy, New Jersey Web Festival
Best Writing, New Jersey Web Fest
Best Ensemble Cast, Seoul Web Fest
Best Actress in a Comedy, Seoul Web Fest

Official Selections in 20+ festivals globally

“Adulting- Becoming a Mature, Responsible Adult has Never Been This Funny” - Snobby Robot

“What makes “Adulting” unique and hilarious is the way that the filming pulls you into Katie and Charlie’s story and makes you notice things that are seemingly ordinary, but at second glance are actually weird and unforgettable.” - Women and Hollywood

Featured as one of the top 40 web series on YouTube – Feedspot