What If Death Were Just A Passage?

Documentary | 72 minutes | 2020 | HD | France

Cast & Credits

Narrated by Véronique Jannot
With Dr Jean-Jacques Charbonier, Dr. Patrick Bouffette, Dr. Constance Yver-Elleaume, Dr. Fariba Gandji, Dr. Sylvie Cafardy & Dr. Xavier Roubert

Written, Produced & Directed by Valérie Seguin


How to prepare for this unknown that is death?

Death is one of the great mysteries of life. Some people think it's the end of everything. Others think of it as a passage into another world. How can you prepare for this unknown? What does near death experiences teach us about death? How can we prepare for that final moment? How do you support a loved one? Can we deal with grief differently?

To answer these questions, this documentary not only focuses on doctors and caregivers who encounter death every day, but also mediums who claim to have the ability to communicate with dead people.