Wally Got Wasted

Comedy | 99 minutes | 2019 | 4K | United States Of America

Festivals & Awards

Winner: Best Comedy, Pittsburgh Independent Film Festival
Winner: Best Screenplay, Pittsburgh Independent Film Festival

Cast & Credits

Patrick Cavanaugh (Mad Men)
Adam William Ward (Parole Officers)
Aaron Groben (VHYes)
Lauren Francesca (#Lucky Number)
Diana Franklin (Better Off Dead)

Directed by Adam William Ward
Written & Produced by Seth Hymes & Adam William Ward


In the tradition of ”Weekend at Bernie’s”, Wally Got Wasted follows the adventures of 3 friends who accidentally murder a serial killer, then screw up getting rid of the body. They are forced to pretend he is alive as they are chased through downtown Los Angeles in one crazy night.


“Hugs and bum slaps all round for these guys, who have put together such a genuinely enjoyable and well-crafted film on a small budget (mostly self financed), used a ton of great locations and extras, and made it look on par with Hollywood’s mainstream output.”