Troy & Julie

Action / Drama | 77 | 2001 | HD | United States of America

Festivals & Awards

Feature Film Winner: Telluride IndieFest
Grand Festival Winner: Berkeley Video & Film Festival
Selection: Bangkok Int’l Film Festival

Cast & Credits

Terry Wayne (The Violent Kind)
Ava Mendoza (Book of Rules)
West Liang (Crossing Over)
Feodor Chin (Lost Boy)
Robert Wu (Ted)

Written & Directed by Phil Gorn (Gibby / Branded)
Director of Photography: Gary Rohan (Gibby / Branded)
Music by Misheguna


Set and filmed in San Francisco, Troy & Julie tells the story of love and loss as two cultures collide in a changing section of The City.

The story centers on two gangs in the Richmond District of San Francisco. After an Asian gang leader is killed, Troy, a member of the White Knights, begins to have doubts about being part of the gang. His doubts intensify when he meets Julie, the sister of the Asian gang leader.

As the star-crossed lovers struggle to escape the reach of the gangs, their families and neighborhood ties draw them back to their roots -- and away from each other.

Loosely based on William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet, Troy & Julie movingly explores the family conflicts, racial hatreds and gang loyalties that torment the lovers as they flee from the police and struggle to honorably resolve their plight.


"This modern day Romeo and Juliet is beautifully shot and resonates nicely with the the classic Shakespeare narrative. Original and satisfyingly unpredictable."
- East Bay Express (Berkeley, California)

“The storyline is a proven pleaser. A better comparison is with the action of ‘West Side Story’ than the poesy of Shakespeare: director Phil Gorn shows a knack for fight scenes, tense stand-off staring, and a tame but neatly executed love-making sequence.”
- Peter Crimmins - Berkeley Daily Planet