The Last American Guido

Romantic Comedy | 99 minutes | 2013 | 4K | United States of America

Cast & Credits

Mike DiGiacinto (8:46 / Jesse James Hollywood)
Kim Director (Inside Man / Book of Shadows: Blair Witch 2)
Al Sapienza (Margin Call / Godzilla)
Robert Costanzo (Total Recall / Saturday Night Fever / Batman: Mask of the Phantasm)
Chris Tardio (In the Mix / Passionada)

Written and Directed by: Vito LaBruno
Executive Producers: Andrew LaBruno & David Henehan
Producers: Ty Risby, Ron Elliot & Vito LaBruno
Director of Photography: Ron Elliot
Editor: David Leonard


In the ‘90s, Tommy Russo ruled the Jersey club scene. Nowadays, Tommy runs an Italian deli to support his family. His hairline has receded and his fashion has faded. When Tommy discovers his fiancée, Stefi, is having an affair, he is forced back into a world that has passed him by.

Tommy struggles to adapt to the nightclub world of $400 bottles of vodka, “iced out chains” and super-spiked hair. Sinking deeper into crisis, Tommy meets an adorable Texan named Gina and he regains some confidence. Then Tommy lands his own reality-television show, “The Last American Guido”, and things really begin looking up. That is until Gina’s overly protective ex, Johnny, conspires with Stefi to use Tommy’s reality show against him.