Troubled Child

Thriller/Drama | 100 minutes | 2012 | 4K | United States of America

Festivals & Awards

New York Los Angeles International Film Festival:
Winner, Best Narrative Feature Award
Winner, Best Director, Jolene Adams
Winner, Best Actor, Carlton Wilborn
Winner, Best Actress, Leslie Stevens
Selection, Bel Air Film Festival (October 12, 2013)

Cast & Credits

Carlton Wilborn (Made Men / Tuesdays with Morrie / The Mentalist)
Leslie Stevens (Chasing Ghosts / Private Practice)
Andy Scott Harris (Kissing Strangers / House)
Dee Wallace (E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial / Cujo / The Howling)

Directed by: Jolene Adams
Executive Producer: Jane Elizabeth Ryan
Producer: Andres Barahona (Yellow)
Co-Producers: Susana Hornil, Jolene Adams, R. Bruce Koefoot, Zac Heath
Director of Photography: Carmen Cabana (Cartas a Elena)
Music: Roy Bemelmans
Screenplay: Jane Elizabeth Ryan
Editor: Dirk Meenen (Academy Awards TV Specials)


An eleven-year-old orphan, Carl, is adopted into a loving family. The new father, Zeb, bonds easily with the boy. But Zeb’s wife, Annika, sees a different side to Carl. Zeb is surprised by his wife’s resistance to their new son and isn’t sure if it’s Annika’s or Carl’s dark side that is being revealed.


“…terrifying, not in the vein of horror and gore, but because of the neglect and abuse that some children endure.”

“…a suspenseful drama wrapped up in a true story.”