Thriller | 100 minutes | 2020 | 4K | United States Of America

Festivals & Awards

Audience Choice Award: Melbourne Lift-Off Film Festival
Best Thriller, Best First-Time Director & Semi-Finalist for Best Film: Festigious International Film Festival
Best Thriller, Best Debut Director, Best Actress: Accord Cine Fest
Honorable Mention: Los Angeles Film Awards
Best Thriller: Košice International Monthly Film Festival
Best Feature & Best Director: Creation Int’l Film Festival
Best Feature & Best Actress: Madras Independent Film Festival
Best Supporting Actor & Best Supporting Actress: Brazil Int’l Monthly Independent Film Festival
Semi-Finalist: Focus Int’l Film Festival
Best First Time Director: Golden Earth Film Award
Finalist for Best Film: Cyrus Int’l Festival of Toronto

Cast & Credits

Catherine Dao (The Trap)
Tyler Wolfe (Code Black)
A Martinez (Longmire)
Eileen Davidson (The Young and the Restless)

Written & Directed by Catherine Dao
Producer: Diane Peterson


Brilliant and mysterious, JT Dalton, professor of chemistry, runs the mentoring/readjustment program at the local university. Shawn Wittig, 29, spoiled & troubled heir to an indulgent, single, playboy father, is court ordered to attend the program. Their relationship is immediately volatile, but Professor Dalton’s persistent tiger-mom discipline sparks a deeper connection between the two. Before long, the professor finds herself involved in an illicit and highly sexualized affair with her student, consuming both their lives.

The university catches wind of this scandal and promptly suspends JT as Shawn’s father forces his son to give up his obsession with his older professor. But will this be enough to end the compulsion…


Foretells complicated human relations in the age of post-modernity and hyper-diversity.– Universal Cinema Film & TV Journal