Solid State

Sci-fi | 90 minutes | 2012 | HD | Italy / USA

Cast & Credits

Debbie Rochon (Rudyard Kipling's Mark of the Beast / Night of the Living Dead)
Suzi Lorraine (Torment / The Sickness)
Ava Brunini (Into the Woods) x (Kill Bill: Vol. 1 / Independence Day / Batman & Robin)

Directed by: Stefano Milla (Kingdom of Gladiators)
Producers: Stefano Milla & Riccardo De Palo
Executive Producer: Phil Gorn (Rancid) & Enrico De Palo
Screenwriter: Gero Giglio
Director of Photography: Fabrizio Meynardi
Music: Dom Capuano (The Sleeping Warrior)


Be careful of what you touch.

A large meteor is headed straight toward Earth. In an attempt to save the planet, an international defense team launches a missile to destroy the meteor. It works -- except a small piece of the meteor lands in a remote part of Europe.

An American rock band is touring through Europe when the meteor falls nearby. Soon, nearly everyone in the area is mysteriously infected. Sickness leads to death. The band tries to escape the area before they, too, become infected. But the only way to escape is to defeat this alien outbreak.