Horror | 91 minutes | 2009 | SD

Cast & Credits

Robert Picardo (Star Trek: First Contact / Gremlins 2: The New Batch / Innerspace / The Howling)
David Fine (Poe / The Pursuit of Happyness)
Sarah Knowlton (Pushing Tin / Desperate Housewives)
Christopher Michael Holley (Smokin' Aces)

Director: Ryan Todd
Producers: Kevn Haskin, Jo Haskin, Eric Mansur, Brian Hamm
Writer: Kevin Haskin
Cinematography: Brian Hamm
Original Music: Alexis Grapsas


Children’s book author Wade Mixon is the kind of person everyone fears having as a neighbor. He is seemingly quiet, polite, clean and gentle. Behind closed doors, Wade is quite disturbed -- revealing dark secrets, twisted thoughts and criminal behavior.

Wade is trying to keep his frayed mind from unraveling. His stability and lucidity are in question, and his thoughts are increasingly being invaded by the terror of his murderous past and present. Wade’s battle with his own demons causes him to believe there is a conspiracy against him. The line between reality and delusion is steadily growing more and more uncertain and the fight between good and evil within his mind is beginning to dilute any chance he has at living in the here and now. In the balance hangs Wade’s only shred of existence, his legacy, and he’ll stop at nothing to prove its reality.


“The great Robert Picardo gets inside the mind of a madman in Ryan Todd's unexpected, riveting mindbender that plays like a horror film but ends up being so much more. A tour-de-force for one of my favorite actors, who at last gets to carry a picture. Sarah Knowlton is likewise memorable. Timely, thoughtful and altogether engrossing. One of the year's finest indies.”
- Joe Dante (Director: The Howling / Gremlins / The Hole)

“The film knows where it’s going firmly from the beginning. Everything tends to a neat conclusion and summarizes and explains what we’ve just seen, and punctuates the action. The conclusion wraps together a lot of the mysterious threads placed in an opening flash back scene and completes a complete narrative circle. It features a metallic and chilling soundtrack.”
- Alex Congrove/Roseville Press Tribune