Same Boat

Romantic Comedy | 82 minutes | 2019 | 4K | United States Of America

Festivals & Awards

Official Selection: Cinequest Film Festival
Official Selection: Bahamas Int’l Film Festival
Official Selection: Midwest Independent Film Festival
Official Selection: Middlebury New Filmmakers Festival
Official Selection: Festival Angaelica
Official Selection: Peoria Film Festival
Official Selection: Lost Weekend Film Festival

Cast & Credits

Chris Roberti (The Adulterers)
Julia Schonberg
Tonya Glanz (Timeless)

Written & Directed by Chris Roberti
Written & Produced by Josh Itzkowitz


Same Boat is the story of a time-traveling assassin who inadvertently falls in love with the woman he’s been sent to kill... while on a cruise ship. The film was secretly shot aboard an actual cruise.

James and his trainee Mott are time-traveling assassins sent form the 29th century to kill individuals who would do damage to the future. It’s tiring and unrewarding work. When they arrive on a cruise ship in the early 21st century and Mott takes ill, James finds himself with some downtime and makes the most of it - inadvertently becoming friends and romantic partners with the woman he has been sent to kill.


Exerts a certain charm, thanks to its audacious premise.” – The Hollywood Reporter

A kooky post-millennial cousin of Richard Linklater’s ‘Before’ trilogy.” –

Sam Boat was shot in complete secrecy during an actual cruise.” - ScreenAnarchy