Reverend Tienie

Drama | 97 minutes | 2019 | 4K | 5.1 | South Africa

Festivals & Awards

Buffalo International Film Festival (October 2018)
Cape Town International Film Festival (October 2018)

Cast & Credits

Frank Opperman (Ernest Goes to Africa)
Deon Lotz (Beauty / Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom)
Izel Bezuidenhout (Bram Fischer)

Written, Produced & Directed by Sallas de Jager (Free State)
Production Designer: Waldemar Coetsee (Meerkat Maantuig)
Editor: Quinn Lubbe (Blood and Glory)


After sixteen years as the reverend of the mother church, Tienie Benade is confronted with a steep decline in the number of churchgoers and a modern society that is rapidly changing. Do clergymen, or even the church, still have a role to play in this world? He tries to adapt and make sense of the changes, but, in the process, he alienates his wife and children. Tienie struggles to regain his self-confidence, win back the love of his family and provide guidance to his congregation. Based on the play by Dana Snyman.