Romantic Comedy | 105 minutes | 2019 | HD | Brazil

Festivals & Awards

Festival Selections:
London International Motion Picture Awards
Diorama International Film Festival

Cast & Credits

Yolanda de Paulo, Gabriela Pimenta, Guily Machovec & Vini Hideki

Written, Produced, Edited & Directed by Guily Machove


Maísa is a woman preoccupied with appearances and overly connected to the online world. She is married to the conservative Leonardo who seemingly lives up to a high standard. Their struggling relationship worsens when they meet another couple. Adélia is independent, manipulative and determined. Her new boyfriend, Heitor, is sensitive and caring but has a hard time being forceful.

Each has varying dreams and desires as they flirt with the idea of changing relationships.


“The independent feature from Guily Machovec is a work of content, which goes beyond what you see at first sight.” -- Fabio Farias, journalist of “Formiga Elétrica”