Me & My Left Brain

Romantic Comedy | 77 minutes | 2019 | 4K | Australia

Festivals & Awards

Knysna Film Festival (South Africa)

Cast & Credits

Alex Lykos (Alex & Eve)
Chantelle Barry (Entourage)
Malcolm Kennard (The Matrix Reloaded)
Rachael Beck (It Takes Two)
Laura Dundovic (Miss Universe Australia)

Written & Directed by Alex Lykos
Music by Cezary Skubiszewski (Picnic at Hanging Rock / Red Dog)


Arthur, who suffers from OCD, has spent the last few months with Helen. But he doesn't know whether they are friends or more than friends. With the help of his vivacious next-door-neighbor Vivien, Arthur assembles the courage to ring Helen to find out once and for all where he stands. Only one problem: Helen doesn't answer. And so begins a long night of tossing and turning where Arthur dissects every moment of the time he has spent with Helen. Whilst in this deep reflective analysis, Arthur bickers with his overly opinionated, opposing inner-voice.


“Alex Lykos has genuine talent with a script that works wonderfully, and direction that feels natural… the wonderfully Allen-esque ‘big band’ style score by Cezary Skubiszewski” -- The Curb

“Fun, feisty and politically incorrect.” -- The Blurb

“This small independent film has some very big things to offer.” -- Alt Media

“For anyone who has ever experienced that late-night self-doubt that blossoms into insomnia and anxiety, Me & My Left Brain will be immediately relatable.” – FilmInk

“As a lover of romantic comedies and a jazz fanatic, this film ticked all the right boxes.” -- Grokonline