Love Tomorrow

Drama | 80 minutes | 2012 | HD | United Kingdom

Festivals & Awards

Winner: Best UK Feature, Raindance Film Festival

Cast & Credits

Cindy Jourdain
Arionel Vargas
Max Brown
Samuel Barnett
John McArdle

Written & Directed by: Christopher Payne
Producer: Stephanie Moon
Executive Producers: Dominic Fava, Steve Garnett, Helen Lowe, Peter Simpson, Paul Griffith, Gillian Payne, Shaheen Rahman & Mark Westaway
Choreographers & Co-Producers: Michael Nunn, Billy Trevitt & Kerry Whelan (Emmy Award Winners, BalletBoyz®)
Director of Photography: Paul Teverini
Editors: Nick Calori & Barry Moen
Music: Kevin Pollard


EVA, an ex-ballet dancer, has her life turned upside down after receiving devastating news about her fiancé. Wandering London’s underground train stations in a torment of pain and confusion, Eva has a chance encounter with ORIEL, a charismatic Cuban dancer who offers a temporary distraction.

Why she follows this insistent stranger is unclear, and why he tolerates her reserve, mood swings and outright hostility is also unclear. But as the night lengthens and turns into day, the frustrations, secrets and wounds of both their lives begin to emerge, and a fragile friendship promises to turn into something more profound.


“Where Black Swan purported lasciviously to be about the jungle life inside a great world ballet company, this is a story about two people who happen to be dancers… A shimmering otherworldliness, a powerful whiff of the lure of dance to liberate the soul. A delicate, unobvious film.” -- The Arts Desk ****

“Able to ride on the back of Black Swan and StreetDance 2, Love Tomorrow has more sophistication than most, its former ballet pro stars opening up the potential for a strong Royal Ballet marketing push, but enough gritty edge to bring in the genre's loyal fanbase.” --