Live Animals

Horror | 85 minutes | 2008 | SD | United States of America

Festivals & Awards

Hollywood Film Festival
Memphis International Film Festival

Cast & Credits

John Still (Hustle & Flow / Black Snake Moan / The Poor and Hungry)
Christian Walker (The Way I See Things)
Jeannette Comans (The Way I See Things / Shutter)
Patrick Cox (100 Lives)

Director: Jeremy Benson (Shutter)
Written & Produced by: Jeremy Benson & Mark Williams (Shutter)
Cinematographer: Ryan Parker (The Way I See Things)
Composer: Brock Manchester Production
Design: William Chambers
III Editor: Kurt Manchester, Jr.


A group of college kids’ weekend getaway turns into a test of the survival of the fittest. Director Jeremy Benson’s newest film is a taut thriller that looks at the seedy world of the White Slave trade.

Wayne (John Still: Hustle & Flow/Black Snake Moan/The Poor & Hungry) and his brute henchman, Edgar, will stop at nothing to fill orders for international slave traders. Inside a horse stable, Wayne has stalls filled with young adults. The men destined to work in foreign mines; the women are to be turned out in brothels around the globe. Wayne & Edgar attempt to break the new herd of college kids.
One by one, the college kids are sold or killed. Knowing their fate is about to be sealed, two of the remaining group - Nick and Erin - make a desperate attempt to escape.