Lisl & the Lorlok

Children's Fantasy | 87 minutes | 2011 | HD | United States of America

Festivals & Awards

2011 Idyllwild Independent Festival of Cinema
Winner: Best Feature
Winner: Best Actor
Nominated: Best Director

Cast & Credits

Katerina Fischer
Bobbye Louise Ames
Kimberly Parmon (Duel of Legends)
Ivan Borntrager

Directed by: Ignatius Fischer
Story: Ignatius Fischer & Brian Dillon
Screenwriter: Brian Dillon
Producers: Ignatius Fischer & Brian Dillon
Executive Producers: Richard Finerman & Elissa Carette
Associate Producers: Sohail Wasif, Derek Nickell, Steven Deeble, Emerson Bixby & Michelle Fischer
Director of Photography: Ignatius Fischer


A Children’s Fantasy about a Little Girl and a Big Bug.

Lisl Pratt is ten years old. Her mother, Mischa, is a nurse who has put off a career in photography to cover the family’s bills while Lisl’s father, Harrison, the famous author, deals with writer’s block. When her adventurer Granddad dies mysteriously, Lisl and her parents travel to the old family estate to take care of Grandma. Lisl soon encounters a frightening creature, but is certain the adults won’t believe her. Eventually, Lisl suspects Grandad might even be haunting the house. As the adults begin acting strangely, Lisl must fend for herself and dons her grandfather’s adventure gear, setting out to track down the monster. When she discovers the creature is responsible for her family’s strange behavior, Lisl must figure out how to save them and battle the Lorlok once and for all.


“This film is really beautifully made and visually, a treat to watch. Beyond that though, the cast was just spectacular. When you combine a film that's beautifully made from a technical standpoint, that tells a good story and has that story presented by a really great couldn't ask for more.
The long and the short of it is, this is a really wonderful film. It's films like this that really show how great independent film can be. The professionalism of the production is simply first rate, and everyone involved should be congratulated for what they've created, and most especially, for creating a type of film that has for far too long been under-represented in independent film circles.
The film is currently making the rounds at various film festivals. If you get a chance to check it out, make sure you do, and when it becomes available for sale, you'll definitely want to consider adding this gem to your collection.”
- Duane L. Martin, Rogue Cinema

“…if you or your kids don’t like insects, the Lorlok is guaranteed to give you the heebie jeebies.”
- Dread