Kingdom of Gladiators

Fantasy/Action-Adventure | 82 minutes | 2011 | HD | Italy / USA

Cast & Credits

Leroy Kincaid (Thunderslam: Wrestlefest 7 - Summertime Slam)
Suzi Lorraine (Wrath of the Crows / Solid State)
Annie Social (Nu Wrestling Evolution)
Matt Polinsky (PWU: Last Chance Do or Die!)
Maurizio Corigliano (Richard The Lionheart: Rebellion)

Directed by: Stefano Milla (Richard The Lionheart: Rebellion)
Executive Producers: Enrico De Palo, Phil Gorn, Roberto Indiano, Davide Tromba
Producers: Riccardo De Palo & Stefano Milla
Director of Photography: Vittorio Anelli
First Assistant Director: Richard Robinson
Written by: Marco Viola & Stefano Milla


Separated at birth, two rival gladiators must learn their true identity to unite and save the kingdom.

A king makes a pact with an ancient demon and after many years of ruling his kingdom in peace, the demon has come to collect. Now a group of rival gladiators must fight for the survival of the kingdom. And the duel they never expected is about to begin.