Karaoke Man

Comedy | 88' | 2015 | Red 4K | United States of America

Festivals & Awards

St. Louis Int’l Film Festival
Temecula Int’l Film Festival
New York Hell’s Kitchen Film Festival
White Sands Film Festival (Runner Up: Audience Choice)
Offshoot Film Festival (Winner: Best Feature & Best Actress)
Prometheus Film Festival (Winner: Best Comedy)

Cast & Credits

Brian Dietzen (NCIS) 
Caitlin Crosby (Shelter / House Broken)
Spencer Locke (Resident Evil / Cougar Town)
James Denton (Desperate Housewives)
Marc Evan Jackson (22 Jump Street)
Parvesh Cheena (Outsourced / Transformers)
Kathryn Gordon (Side Effects)
Bug Hall (The Little Rascals Save The Day)

Written & Directed by Mike Petty
Executive Producers: Debbie Cooper & Eric Zudak
Producer: Scott Legrand
Music by Craig Stuart Garfinkle (The Office / Fringe / Lost)


On his first day of work at New Planet Comics, Louis locks himself in the janitor’s closet so he can draw comics in peace. And he’d stay in there forever if it weren’t for Glennis, a hip young street musician and crusading Karaoke hostess. She’s that rare girl that every guy would kill for… lovely, beautiful and charming. Luckily for Louis he sees the talented, driven and smart girl as well. There’s just one problem, he needs to transform into a singing super-hero to prove himself to her.