Gladiator Games (aka Claang the Game)

Action-Adventure/Fantasy | 91 minutes | 2010 | HD | Italy

Festivals & Awards

Winner: Award of Excellence, IndieFest 2009 (La Jolla, California)

Cast & Credits

Francesco Chinchella
Suzi Lorraine

Written, Directed & Edited by: Stefano Milla
Producers: Stefano Milla & Phil Gorn
Writer: Maurizio Bazzano
Music by: Giovanni Lodigiani


Accept the Challenge.

In a distant time and place, power is decided by a cruel game in which two teams of gladiators fight in a vast arena. Using trickery and corruption, the ambitious SAHR gathers an immense share of power, ruling with tyranny and making his team nearly invincible. TYR, a military leader, is thought to have been killed in battle but has retreated to an island to recover from his injury. There, he begins to train a new team of gladiators to seek revenge and end Sahr’s rule.


“A courageous, ambitious, and visionary work.” – La Repubblica

“A production that dares to challenge the imaginary world of the epic-adventure genre.” – Nocturno