Empty Rooms

Horror | 92 minutes | 2010 | SD | United States of America

Festivals & Awards

Winner, Best Feature Film: Thriller! Chiller! (Oct 20, 2012)

Cast & Credits

Ramlah Yavar (The O.C.)
Charlie Koudsi (introducing)
Tegan Ashton Cohan (Samurai Avenger: The Blind Wolf)

Written, Directed & Edited by: Adam Lamas
Producer: Michael J. Zampino
Executive Producers: Ramlah Yavar & Adam Lamas
Associate Producers: Shannon Malone, Jim Roof & Jodi Frediani
Music: Meredith Yayanos


“The Shining” meets “Insidious”. Maddie Usher is the single mother of Jonah, a mute autistic boy who can only communicate through imagery. In an effort to change their quality of life, Maddie purchases an old house in the quiet suburbs. Upon moving into the empty Dutch colonial, Jonah's demeanor completely changes. The young boy's behavior becomes violent and his savant-like skills at drawing reveal a preoccupation with the form of a terrifying man. Soon Maddie realizes the problem lay not within Jonah, but within the house itself.


“A genuine diamond in the rough.” – Influx Magazine

“Empty Rooms made me jump out of my skin. You really owe it to yourself to unleash those big budget shackles and get on to a fine piece of independent horror filmmaking.” – UK Horror Scene