Sci-Fi | 114 minutes | 2010 | HD | United States of America

Cast & Credits

Rebecca Spence (Grace Is Gone / The Break-Up / Public Enemies)
Peter Greene (Pulp Fiction / The Mask / Blue Streak)
William Katt (The Greatest American Hero / Carrie / House)

Written & Directed by: Clay Liford
Producers: Adam Donaghey, Barak Epstein, Clay Liford
Executive Producer: Larry LeMaster
Director of Photography: Jason Croft
Music: Curtis Heath


On an orbital space platform, a three-man crew picks up a strange object. It appears to be a living seed of some sort. When the seed is touched, a strange pulse rings out, causing a global brown-out on Earth.

To most, the brown-out is merely a momentary nuisance. However, JUDITH and a small group of strangers are drastically affected. They slowly realize they are perhaps not what they seem and begin to feel they are actually members of a stranded alien race, living on Earth disguised as humans. They band together to seek out the secret of the seed that may present a way back home.