11 Blocks

Action | 78 minutes | 2014 | HD | Canada

Cast & Credits

Craig Henry (Brick Mansions / Tapped Out)
Tyler Williams (Tapped Out / All-in)
Vivek Patel
Bo Martyn
Patrick Whalen

Co-Directed by: Sasha Moric & Matthew Bennett
Produced by: Foad Almassi Cinematography: Sasha Moric
Fight Designers: Vivek Patel, Craig Henry & Tyler Williams
Production Designer: Aparna Yadava


John ‘Concrete’ Hong has one night to fight his way across a violent city and rescue the one he loves.


“Indie Fight Flick Channels ‘The Warriors’” – Todd Brown, Twitchfilm

“Amazing Choreography” – The Action Elite

“Hard Hitting Action that does Justice to the Title” – Eric Jacobus, The Stunt People