Carmilla Hyde

Horror | 105 minutes | 2010 | SD | Australia

Festivals & Awards

Melbourne Underground Film Festival 2009
Swansea Bay Film Festival 2010
Supanova Brisbane 2010 Directors’ Day
Supanova Sydney 2010 Directors Forum
Indie Gems Film Festival 2010
International Film Festival Thailand 2010 (postponed due to political crisis)
International Film Festival Ireland 2010
Strasbourg International Film Festival 2010
International Film Festival South Africa 2010
South African HORRORFEST 2010
Sexy International Film Festival 2010
Minneapolis Underground Film Festival 2010
Gay Film Festival of the United Kingdom 2011
International Film Festival Australasia – Barossa 2011

Cast & Credits

Anni Lindner (Elephant Tales)
Cale Morgan (Welcome to Woop Woop)

Directer: David De Vries
Producers: Fiona De Caux, David De Vries, Tony Ganzis & Andrei Gostin
Director of Photography: Maxx Corkindale


A revenge thriller where “Single White Female” meets “Dr. Jekyll and Mr Hyde.”

Millie, a shy introverted virgin, is drugged and seduced by her housemates. Awaking without any memory, Millie is confronted by Internet sex tapes of her night of wanton passion. Humiliated and confused, she turns to hypnotist Dr Webster who is able to free her memories. Her alter ego is also set free – unleashing the wild and sexy Carmilla Hyde.


“The Aussies prove once again that they have an eye for genre like no one else.”
Rogue Cinema

“A psychological tour de force with one hell of a twist coming at you.”
Scary Minds

“Shames a lot of the Hollywood thrillers.”
Cross Culture