Being Grace

Teen Drama | 92 minutes | 2019 | HD | United Kingdom

Cast & Credits

Juliette Boor (introducing)
Ogechukwu David Isiguzo (introducing)

Written & Directed by Annarie Boor
Producers: Simon Boor & Annarie Boor


Following your dream is hard. Making it your own is even harder.

In the theme of Billy Elliot, GRACE is a teen dancer, hoping to gain her strict mother's approval by winning entrance to the preeminent dance conservatory. A good dream, which falls flat when Grace continues to strike out at the audition phase.

No amount of private lessons from her ballet teacher makes as much impact as when an accidental friendship with digital musician, FLAVA and his buddy JOJO, allows her to find her own movement in the music. Sadly, disapproval from her mother and dance teacher puts stark choices on the table for Grace. However, when your friends have your back, anything is possible.

In post-production. Estimated completion date: April 1, 2019.